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Have you ever walked on water? With the award winning Hobie Mirage pedal kayaks, it's like going for a walk, on top of the sea. Strong Caribbean tradewinds won't slow down beginner kayakers, senior citizens or even children! The Hobie kayak's innovative, state of the art design, allows for everyone to easily cruise the waters of St Croix. The Hobie Mirage kayak won Scientific American's product of the year in 1998, and has been gaining momentum ever since. Hobie Mirage kayaks are foot pedaled, giving you a hands free experience,  and the ability to cut through the wind and currents with ease, making your tour relaxing and effortless. A hand operated rudder control, and  recumbent high back seats make this the ultimate ride. 


Whether you take a day tour of Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve, an evening Bioluminescent Bay tour, or a Sunset/Monnlight tour, we think you'll love it! We are a small, family owned and operated kayak outfitter, showing visitors and locals the beauty of St Croix since 1998. Over the years, we have worked closely with the National Park Service, The Department of Parks and Natural Resources, St Croix Environmental Association, The Kalinago Tribe, The St Croix Archeological Society, and local historians to give you the best tour we can give.


Bioluminescent  Bay Tour

Our most popular tour!

SUP couple.jpg

SUP Tour

For beginners and experts


Sunset and Moonlight Tour

Offered when the moon is too bright


Self-Guided Tour (rentals)

Explore the bay at your own pace!


Historical and Ecological Tour

Our Daytime tour option


2023 Biobay Tours

January: 10th-26th

February: 8th-25th


April: 8th-26th

May: 7th-25th

June: 5th-25th

2023 Biobay Tours

July: 5th-25th

August: 3rd-23rd

September: 2nd-20th

October: 2nd-19th; 31st

November: 1st-18th, 29th-30th

December: 1st-17th, 29th-31st

On days we do not offer the Biobay Tour, we instead offer a Sunset/Moonlight tour, a great alternative! Continue reading to learn more. 

Bioluminescent Bay Tour

St Croix Bioluminescent Bay kayak tours are relaxing, peaceful and low key. Our tour takes you to one of only ten super glow biobays left in the world.  Found in tropical mangrove estuaries, biobays are disappearing from over-development and light pollution. Virgin Kayak Tours and Outfitters tours make it easy to cross the bay for everyone, even in the strongest winds, because of our innovative Hobie Mirage kayaks. The meets at our shop just prior to sunset and once it gets dark, we kayak across to the Biobay.  There you'll witness the magical underwater lights, like gold dust or lightening bugs. These tiny single celled organisms, called Dino-flagellates, sparkle in the water when agitated. Check the list for the best Biobay Tour Dates.


Meeting Times Vary

$65.00 per person

Minimum age: 6 years old

Maximum Weight/person: 260lbs


Sunset & Moonlight Tour

It's time to relax and enjoy the nature of St. Croix at night. Calm and serene is what you'll feel out on this kayak tour. This tour is offered when the moonlight gets too bright and diminishes the effects of the bioluminescence.  On our Sunset and Moonlight kayak tour, we'll catch the end of the sunset casting beautiful colors over Salt River Bay.  You'll learn the history of Salt River Bay and get to see many of its key ecological features such as the red mangrove tree.  Once the stars begin to shine, you'll learn about the night sky and the constellations. We kayak over to the St. Croix bioluminescent bay, and if we are lucky, we may still get to catch a glimpse of these tiny, magical creatures. Enjoy a relaxing ride across the bay back to the shop being guided by the moonlight.  Truly a peaceful evening. Meeting times vary depending on sunset.


Meeting times vary 

$65.00 per person

Minimum age: 6 years old

Maximum weight: 260lbs/person


Salt River Bay Eco Tour

This kayak tour meets at our shop, located in Salt River Marina, at 10:00am, and finishes around 12:00pm. You'll learn about the ecology of the Mangrove Estuary, the Tainos and Kalinagos, migratory birds, the encounter with Columbus, the earthen fort, and the Taino Ball Court. We'll pedal the whole bay, while learning the vast history of the area. It makes for a fun yet relaxing day. 



$65.00 per person 

minimum age: 5

maximum weight per person: 260lbs.



SUP Adventure Tour

Whether you have never been on a Stand Up Paddle board before, or if you consider yourself a professional, this tour is sure to be filled with fun and adventure!  For any beginners, your trip will start with a lesson and getting comfortable on the board.  Our guides will then take you out to experience the wonder and beauty of Salt River Bay.  Full of information about ecology and history, you will enjoy a relaxing morning exploring! 


$65.00 per person 

minimum age: 8

maximum weight per person: 260lbs.



Rentals (Self-Guided Tour)

Rent one of our kayaks or paddle boards and explore the beauty of Salt River at your own pace!  We'll provide you with a map and some information about Salt River Bay, and leave the rest to you.  Half day and full day rentals available.  


You may begin at any time, all equipment must be returned by 5pm

Prices vary depending on Kayak/SUP selection 

maximum weight per person: 260lbs.


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