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About Us

Family Run since 1998

Virgin Kayak Tours and Outfitters is a small, family run company in St. Croix.  We pride ourselves on giving our guests the best experiences out in Salt River National Park and Ecological Preserve.

Experience the difference with the Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak

With over 20 years exploring St. Croix by kayak, Virgin Kayak Tours and Outfitters has tried them all.  From clear bottoms to classic sit on tops with a paddle, nothing compares to the ease of use and maneuverability of the Hobie kayak.  Since the Mirage Drive pedal system uses one of the strongest muscle groups in your body (your legs) it doesn't matter if you are 6 or 96, olympic athlete or couch potato, this kayak is easy to use for all.  Best part?  Your hands are free to explore the bioluminescent magic through your fingertips.

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Our Story

In 1997, Bryan and Jill Updyke read a news article on The Hobie Mirage Pedal Kayaks, and opened The first Hobie Kayak Dealership in the Virgin Islands. They soon began offering kayak tours around the island in these award winning boats.  Over the years: they founded The St. Croix Kayak Club; The Caribbean Indigenous Arts and Crafts Museum; commissioned The Cra Cra, a Kalinago dug out canoe; opened AYAY ART; built and founded Cane Bay Campground; became advocates for Salt River Bay National Park by removing abandoned vehicles and trash, and erecting signs; taught Pre-Columbian history and art to local schoolchildren; found the fabled Maroon Cave; and held pottery seminars in the Taino tradition.  


In August of 2015, they moved their location to Salt River Marina, right across from the bioluminescent bay.  In this location, a museum space was created.  Here there are several Kalinago dug out canoes and a collection of original Taino artifacts on display.  Many of Bryan's pit fired ceramics can be seen as well.  There is also a full Hobie Kayak display where locals and visitors alike can learn more about and purchase a Hobie Kayak.  

Sadly, Bryan passed away unexpectedly in August 2020.  At this time Jill was ready to retire and see Virgin Kayak Tours continue with a new family.  JT, one of the guides, spoke with his family and together, the Thompsons took over to continue what Jill and Bryan had built.  

Today, guests will experience the same great tours out on the water.  Inside the shop, guests can enjoy an expanded retail section and an updated Hobie Kayak area, displaying more boats and various parts and accessories.  Currently, the museum space is closed while renovations are made to be able to truly honor Bryan and his passion for pre-columbian history.  

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