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Bioluminescence Kayak Tours in St. Croix, USVI

Take a tour to see the bioluminescence in St. Croix's super glow biobay. Our comfortable drive-pedal kayaks offer a relaxing experience where you can see a rare and magical underwater light.

St. Croix USVI bioluminescence kayak tour

Tour the Bioluminescent Bay in St. Croix

Bioluminescence kayak tours in St. Croix’s Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve are an experience like no other.


While many bioluminescent bays (biobays) are disappearing due to over-development and light pollution, some are still in tropical mangrove estuaries. Virgin Kayak Tours takes you to see one of only ten studied super glow biobays (meaning it glows 365 days per year!) left in the world. 


Explore St. Croix’s stunning bioluminescent bay, where you can find glowing water, like pixie dust, sparkling through the water. St. Croix Bioluminescent Bay is home to five different organisms you may experience throughout your tour.  


They are only visible when the water is agitated, but with the Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak, your hands are free to move the water to see the glow.  We also provide each guest with a hand-held net to better agitate the water around them.

A St. Croix Bioluminescent Tour Perfect for Anyone


Whether you’re a kayaking newbie or a pro, a child or adult, Virgin Kayak Tours offers an experience where anyone can easily explore the biobay. 


Our innovative Hobie Mirage Kayaks have a drive pedal system that makes kayaking easy and fun. Many people who have taken an adventure with us have never kayaked before, and that’s okay!

Kayakers love using the Hobie Mirage Kayaks for the Bioluminescence Kayak Tours because they’re:


  • Stable - even in strong winds and currents

  • Comfortable for anyone - max individual weight of 260 pounds

  • Self-bailing - so water doesn’t puddle in them

  • Easy to maneuver - the pedal’s simple back-and-forth motion makes it like walking on water

The foot-drive kayaks also free up your hands so you can easily interact with the bioluminescence for an incredible glow.

bioluminescent kayaking in St. Croix, USVI

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.

When are the Bioluminescence Kayak Tours?

The best time to explore bioluminescence in St. Croix depends on the moon cycle and the time of sunset and moonset.

Here are the 2024 biobay kayak tour dates:

  • January: 1st-16th & 28th-31st

  • February: 1st-15th & 27th-29th

  • March: 1st-15th & 27th-31st

  • April: 1st-14th & 26th-30th

  • May: 1st-13th & 25th-31st

  • June: 1st-13th & 24th-30th

  • July: 1st-13th, 23rd-31st

  • August: 1st-11th & 22nd-31st

  • September: 1st-10th & 20th-30th

  • October: 1st-9th & 19th -31st

  • November: 1st-8th & 18th-30th

  • December: 1st-7th & 17th-31st

On days when the bioluminescence glow isn't super visible, we offer our Sunset and Moonlight Biobay Tour. This tour is a wonderful alternative, where you can kayak the Salt River Bay and appreciate picture-perfect scenery. And you'll likely still see the bios!

Book Your Biobay Tour

Are you ready to explore St. Croix’s fascinating bioluminescent bay? Book your tour with Virgin Kayak Tours for a memorable adventure.


We’ll meet at our shop in Salt River Marina just before sunset to get ready and go over instructions to help you prepare for a great experience. We'll kayak over once it gets dark and the biobay is ready to glow. 


  • Meeting times vary

  • $65.00 per person

  • Minimum age: 6 years old

  • Maximum weight/person: 260 lbs

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