$60.00 per person
Minimum age: 6 years old
Maximum Weight/person: 250lbs

Virgin Kayak Tours bioluminescent bay kayak tours

Evening kayak tours of St Croix's Bioluminescent Bay are relaxing, peaceful and low key. St Croix kayaking takes you to one of only ten super glow biobays left in the world. The St Croix Biobay is a rare and endangered phenomena. Found in tropical mangrove estuaries, biobays are disappearing from over-development and light pollution. St Croix kayak tours make it easy to cross the bay for everyone, even in the strongest winds, because of our innovative Hobie Mirage kayaks. We meet at our shop just prior to sunset. Once it gets dark, we kayak across the to Biobay, where you'll witness the magical underwater lights, like gold dust or lightening bugs. These tiny single celled organisms, called Dino-flagellates, sparkle in the water when agitated. Check the list below for the best Biobay Tour Dates.

 2019 Biobay Tours
July: 1st-5th, 18th-31st
August: 1st-4th, 16th-31st
September: 1st-2nd, 15th-30th
October: 1st, 15th-31st 

November: 1st, 13th-30th 

December: 1st,13th-31st

2020 Biobay Tours

​January: 11th-29th

February: 10th-28th

​March: 10th-28th

April: 9th-28th

May: 8th-27th

​June: 6th-25th 



Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour