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Evening tours of St Croix's Bioluminescent Bay are relaxing, peaceful and low key. One of only seven super glow biobays left in the world, The St Croix Biobay is a rare and endangered phenomena. Found in tropical mangrove estuaries, biobays are disappearing from over-development and light pollution.  Hobie pedal kayaks make it easy to cross the bay for everyone, even in the strongest winds. We meet at our shop just prior to sunset. Once it gets dark, we kayak across the to Biobay, where you'll witness the magical underwater lights, like gold dust or lightening bugs. These tiny single celled organisms, called Dino-flagellates, sparkle in the water when agitated. Truly a wondrous sight! Please note that certain times of the month are not as good for viewing the bio-luminescence. Check the list below for Biobay Tour Dates.

Kayak Tours in The Bioluminescent Bay are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Super Glow Biobays are very rare, and are increasingly endangered. Looming development may destroy our Biobay in the near future. A slated Marine Research facility, parking lots, and dredging of the inlet into the bay could lead to it's extinction. Please log on to to learn more about the threat to our National Park, and sign the petition.

Bioluminescent Kayak Tours are offered at night, when the moon is not too bright during the hours of the tour. When there is too much light on the water, you can't see anything glowing in it. Please see the lists below to ensure we will be running Biobay tours on your dates.

Travel light. There is no need to bring anything out at night.

Swimming in the Biobay is no longer permitted. Because of the environmental stress on the Biobay,  swimming has been banned. Light pollution, construction dust and runoff, any chemicals, natural or otherwise, can lessen the brightness or kill the Dinoflagellates.

 Biobay Tours‚Äč

July: 11th-26th/27th

August: 9th-25th

Sept: 7th-24th

Oct: 7th-23rd

Nov: 5th-22nd

Dec: 4th-22nd

Jan 2018: 3rd-21st

Feb 2018: 1st-19th


$50.00 per person
Minimum age: 6 years old
Maximum Weight/person: 250lbs

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